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School Lunches

We make lunch at each school. The calories of our school lunches are calculated by a nutritionist. We provide a letter at the beginning of each month which lists the lunch menus. Children see the pre-cooked ingredients, know how they are cooked, and hear the sounds and the smell of cooking, which prepares them to enjoy the meal. The children and those cooking are able to talk about the wholesome food being made. By having meals with friends the children will get to like many foods naturally, even those which they do not eat very often or they do not really like at home. Meals are also good times to learn table manners and how to eat with chopsticks, spoons and forks.

Children start having baby food after about 5 months old.

If your child is just starting to eat baby food once a day, please continue to feed your child that meal at home. We provide school lunch for children who can eat baby food twice a day or more (from about 8 months old). We adjust the softness and the size of the food pieces depending on the child. If we give a child baby food too early, they are not able to the chew it correctly and will just swallow it. We try to start giving food slowly so that child will naturally become accustomed to it.


Children get homemade snacks at least 3 times a week, and we have a wide range of snack items including bread, baked potatoes, pancakes, and dumplings. For the days children have a big lunch, they have something light for snack later, and for the days they have a small lunch they have something more filling such as sandwiches or noodles. We also choose snacks so that the complete menu is well balanced in terms of nutrition, not just for the day but for the month. Children will have milk and other drinks with their snacks. The drinks have also been carefully selected to nutritionally balance their meals.

The children who have allergies need to bring their own lunch.

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Each school has insurance coverage. Insurance cover injuries to children inside the preschool as well as injuries while children are out on group walks.

Insurance Company Coverage
Nissin Kasai Kaijo Insurance Maximum per accident Maximum per person
¥300,000,000 ¥60,000,000
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Emergency Procedures

Each school conducts an emergency drill every month in case of emergency.

Evacuation locations

Horizontal scroll
Preschool Local Evacuation Area Large Evacuation Area
Child-Land Inadatsuzumi Nakanoshima High School Tamagawa Riverside
Child-Land Shinjo Shinjo Elementary School Todoriki Ryokuchi
Aiai Nursery Chofu-Minami High School Tamagawa Riverside
Aiai Hoikuen Chofu-Minami High School Tamagawa Riverside
Smiley Kids Nakahara Elementary School Tamagawa Riverside
Melody Miyamaedaira Fujimidai Elementary School Tamagawa Riverside
Melody Kajigaya Kawasaki Shimin Plaza Tamagawa Riverside
Melody Takatsu Takatsu Sports Center Tamagawa Riverside
Melody Mizonokuchi Takatsu Elementary School Tamagawa Riverside
Melody Miyazakidai Miyamaedaira Junior Hight School Tamagawa Riverside
Angel Planet Toddler Nakagawa-Nishi Junior High School Yamazaki Park area
Angel Planet Nakamachidai Orimoto Elementary School Chigasaki Park
Angel Planet Kids Tsuzuki Elementary School Yamazaki Park area
Angel Planet Baby Nakagawa-Nishi Junior High School Yamazaki Park area
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How to Enjoy Preschool

Keep regular hours

Eat a healthy breakfast everyday.
Decide how to spend your free time (days off, weekends, and major holidays) by taking your child's physical condition into consideration.

Check your child's condition every morning before you take your child to school.

If your child has a fever (higher than 37.5℃), the child is not permitted to come to school.

Taking a fever reducer will not help recover from an illness. Also, be aware that fever reducers are strong medicines and drastic measures, therefore these should not be taken indiscriminately.

If your child has a rash, please see a doctor before coming to school.

Except for heat rash, rashes can be very contagious. Therefore, when we suggest you to see a doctor; please go immediately.

We do not take our students to the hospital, unless it is an emergency.

We will call you when your child has a fever. Please pick up your child as soon as possible. When your child seems sick, we might ask you to pick up your child even if the child does not have a fever. If you are going to a medical institution that is different from the one registered with our school, please let us know. Please understand that if the child seems sick when you drop your child off in the morning, we will not take the child to the hospital.

We only distribute prescription medicines.

If you want us to give medicine to your child, please remember to fill in the medication instruction form, hand it to our nursery staff directly, and tell the staff details such as when and how to give the medicine. Please separate the medicine into the required doses (also applies to any liquid medicines).

If your child has a contagious disease, you will need to present permission slips from your doctor to attend the school.

On the day your child has had an immunization shot, we cannot take the child under our care.

Get physical examinations from a certified doctor, and provide proof with the specified document(s).

Get physical examinations that are organized by the local city or ward. These examinations will help you to determine whether your child has normal physical and mental growth. It is also a good opportunity to know what kind of help your child may need at home and school. Additionally, these examinations can aid in the early detection and possibly cure any health problems. After these examinations, we will request you to bring in a copy of your mother-child health handbook.

We reserve the right to request your doctor's certificate, depending on your child's developmental and medical history.

Please remember to check your child's body temperature every day!

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Suspension Due to Sickness

In accordance with Article 12 of the School Health Law, please avoid coming to school if you are sick. A child should stay at home if he/she has a contagious sickness. This will allow the child to recuperate and to prevent outbreaks in schools. When you return from being absent, please bring a note from your doctor or a preschool permission form.

Infectious disease The period of suspension
(influenza or flu-like disease)
2 days after the fever has gone down
Whooping cough 2 weeks after the distinctive 'whooping' sound, along with other symptoms have gone
Measles, rubeola 3 days after the rash, cough and fever have gone
German measles after the rash has completely cleared
Herpes zoster 2 days after the main symptoms have subsided
Mumps after the swelling has disappeared
Streptococcal infection after all the symptoms have gone
Pharyngoconjunctival fever 2 days after the fever, throat infection and red eye has healed
Pink Eye after the pink eye and inflammation has stopped
Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis after the pink eye and inflammation has stopped
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School Rules

Here are the school rules which we would like you to follow. Please read carefully and ask our preschool staff if you have any questions.

  • Make sure that you the parent, not your child, submits your time card (IC card) when you arrive at and leave school.
  • \2,400 will be charged if you don't forget to check out with the IC card.
  • Fill in the body temperature check sheet each day. Your child is not allowed to swim or play outside without the completed sheet. We also need it to regularly monitor your child's health.
  • Please come to the preschool at 11:30am if your child cannot go to the park.
  • For 2 years old and above, have them carry their backpacks on their own when coming to school to help cultivate their independence.
  • "Be responsible for yourself!" as we like to say. We usually let children of 3 years old and above prepare on their own.
  • After you submit your time card, please leave the preschool immediately to cultivate their independence.
  • Come to school prepared every morning. For instance, finish changing diapers, putting hair up, or fill in your notebook before arrival.
  • Make sure your child eats a good breakfast at home.
  • For children in the 2-year-old class and above (and all the children at Yokohama Nursery Rooms), change the towel used to wipe their hands every day.
  • Replace the toothbrush with a new one once the bristles are worn.
  • Take the bath towel and the color hat home every weekend and wash them.
  • Please bring tissues, wet wipes (for children with a diaper), diapers, a toothbrush, and toilet paper (for children who finished toilet training) when you are advised.
  • If we cannot confirm your payment to the school by the deadline, we consider it as a Temporary Childcare Service(\1,000/hour), and you will need to pay in cash.
  • Note carefully the hours on the contract. There is an extra fee if we must keep your child at school before or after the agreed upon hours.
  • We cannot accept your child on the day he/she had vaccination.
  • Let us know by 9:00am if you are going to be late.
  • Let us know by 9:00am if your child is going to absent on that day. Let us know in advance if you are not going to be able to pick up your child on time.If pick up time is after 20:00, a dinner fee(\500) will be charged.
  • When someone else besides the child's parents comes to pick up the child, we need the identification of that person in advance. On the day, that person must show identification. Without identification we are unable to allow that person to pick up your child.
  • Write your child's name on all his/her belongings especially shoes, socks, underwear, and shirts.
  • Write your child's name on his/her diapers.

The rules above are our group's common information. You may be asked to bring/not to bring things by your preschool. Please follow your preschool's rules.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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First Day Preparation

All monthly contract children need to bring:

  • School applicaton form
  • a copy of your health insurance card and the baby medical card
  • childcare fee for the next month (if you do not submit the Japan Post Bank withdrawal procedure forms on time)
  • medical examination reports specified, a copy of the page in your mother-child notebook which lists the details of when your child was born, as well as the most recent medical examination record
  • health condition records specified
  • 3 pairs of clothes to change into
  • 2 bath towels for nap time (blankets for winter)
  • 2 face towels and a hand soap refill

Note: If you are applying for temporary childcare, please check the items you need to bring. They are listed on the information page of the school you are applying to, in addition to the school applicaton form and a copy of your health insurance card and the baby medical card.

Depending on your child's age, you will also need:

  • hand towel and a bib to wear when your child eats and communication noteboook (0- and 1-year-olds)
  • two towels to wipe the child’s mouth (0, 1 and 2-year-olds)
  • a baby bottle and a gauze towel (0-year-olds)
  • diapers
  • a toothbrush (3 years old and up)

Note: Please check Service Information and bring your own milk if your preschool doesn't provide one.

Please bring these items on a regular basis:

*We will inform you when you need to bring them via the school newsletter.

  • one box of tissues
  • baby wipe refills (for children who wear diapers)
  • one roll of toilet paper

Generally we ask that you take used diapers home.

Depending on the situation, there may be cases when we will require additional documents.

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Monthly Contract Child Care Payment

  • If you have a monthly contract with us, please make payments in advance. The child care fee for the next month will be withdrawn on the 25th of each month from your account at a Japan Post Bank. After you receive the withdrawal procedure form, please follow the procedures specified. If we cannot confirm your payment by the end of the month, we will ask you to pay the temporary child care fee rates in cash each day starting on the first of the month when you pick up your child. If you would like to change your contract, please let us know by the 10th of the previous month by submitting the specified form stamped with your seal.
  • There is an extra temporary child care fee if we take care of your child at the school on the days or times outside of the contract. Please check with the individual school what the charges are. When you come to and leave the school, submit your time card (IC Card) and we will calculate the amount you will need to pay extra for. The extra temporary child care fee will be charged in cash every time when you pick up your child. Also, the child care fee after 8 p.m. is 2400 yen per hour. The fee after 10 p.m. is 4800 yen per hour. For every 15 minutes thereafter, an additional fee will be applied. The childcare rate after 8 p.m. is charged at 600 yen per 15 minutes and the rate after 10 p.m. is charged at 1200 yen per 15 minutes.
  • If you plan to leave the school before the 15th of the next month, please notify us by filling out the specified form and submitting it to us by the 10th of the previous month. For example, if you plan to leave the school on January 14th, please submit your form to us before December 20th. If you enroll in the school after the 16th, the childcare fee for that month will be discounted at half the price. Please note that this discount does not apply if you have a monthly contract and have already made your payment but decide to leave the school for personal reasons.
  • Please understand that we cannot reimburse child care fees under any circumstances once we receive them.
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Introducing a special facility

We may need to ask you to change or cancel the contract in any of the following cases, even after you have already enrolled in our preschool. Depending on availability, we can introduce a different facility that can support your child better.

  • If your child cannot behave properly in a big group.
  • If your child causes harm to friends.
  • If your child seems to need individual support.

Please do not hesitate to contact us
for entrance exams and experience nursery care.